Jesse Sarver
Very cool new shop here in the CDA area. Nice, knowledgeable guys. Prior law enforcement and veteran owned. Took the time to look at my son's youth bow, adjusted the draw length, and cut some arrows for it. Great people, great service, I'll be back again.
Nicholas Craft
Super knowledgeable, professional and friendly guys. Whether you're new or an experienced archer, I would highly recommend coming and checking out their shop. VETERAN OWNED AND OPERATED, SUPPORT LOCAL!
Lucas Palmer
Great guys, great service and knowledgeable. Bought some arrows for my wife for Mother’s day and shot some bows while I was in. The owners Austin, Jake, and John will take care of you. Thanks for the service guys.
Be Fontasik4
So very impressed with all their knowledge and thrilled with the range they have. Clean and very organized with all their items they sell. Love how they support Idaho and Made in America companies. Veteran owned says it all.
Stuart Thompson
Stopped by shop their 3rd day business to get bow setup for my son. Great service and follow through. Super pumped to have a local archery shop!
Chris Lipton
Went into the shop on their first day of business. The guys are very friendly and clearly know their mechanics. Huge shooting range and lots of merch. Great to see an option like this for serious bow hunters. Can’t wait to see the work on my bow. Stop and support these guys!
Wendell Miller
Great bow shop! Guys behind the counter are legit and know what they’re doing. Highly recommend.